I am pleased that I was able to provide computer support to a larger client base during 2010.  Because Heliotropic Systems specializes in home computer users and small businesses (5 to 10 PCs), it was difficult to gain traction against the overwhelming forces of the economy – but I did.  And so, I would like to take a moment to say, “Thank you!” to my client base, for helping me achieve growth during a difficult time.

Now that the overall economy appears to be settling down, I look forward to 2011 as a year in which I can make a greater improvement in my support of all things computer-related.

The other day, I was reading an article by Harry Brelsford in a recent issue of SMB Partner Community.  Here is an excerpt:

Have you ever worked with a client who insisted on doing too much of their own IT?  Maybe they buy their own computers (from whatever’s on sale at Costco) and try to add them to the network themselves, maybe they pick security applications from magazine ads and do their own installations, maybe they spend hours on the phone with Dell tech support trying to figure out a server issue.  What’s the result?  In my experience they usually wind up paying a lot more for a real IT pro to come in later and clean up their mess.  In fact many of us use the same sales pitch with those types of clients, something like “You have your own work to do.  Why don’t you save money, time, and frustration by letting a professional handle this for you?”

It is quite obvious that Harry knows some of my clients and what I say to them.  And it is true – you don’t need to know about computers.  All you have to do is let me do my job so that you can do yours.

In the coming year, I hope more of you will contact Heliotropic Systems when you need a professional to take care of your computer systems.

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